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The Art of Happy Moving


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“Moving is tough! I’ve had the pleasure of doing so cross-country with three kids in tow. Rather than being overwhelmed, why not look at it as a new adventure? Author Ali Wenzke has moved with her husband 10 times in 11 years and has lived in seven states. In her book, The Art of Happy Moving, she shares invaluable advice and tips. From selling your house and saying goodbye to friends, to making new friends and finding your happy new home, you’ll be feeling Home Sweet Home in no time.”

– Stephanie Elliott, She Reads


Most people who have moved from one home to another wouldn’t call it a “gift,” but that’s what makes Ali Wenzke’s philosophy so different.



Booklist_StarReview_badge_The Art of Happy MovingAnyone who’s moved 10 times in 11 years deserves applause—and, in Wenzke’s case, congratulations because her concept of “happy moving,” admittedly an oxymoron on the surface, will feel attainable for readers who go through the exercises, checklists, quizzes, and just generally great emotional, physical, and mental tips she shares here.

— Barbara Jacobs, Booklist Starred Review

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Ali Wenzke writes from experience, having moved ten times in 11 years in seven different states (preach, girl). The author takes you through every stage of moving—before, during and after—with practical step-by-step tips as well as a much welcomed positive attitude to get you through the trenches. And don’t worry pet owners, there’s a whole chapter for you, too.
– Pure Wow



BookTrib_Move Over Marie Kondo_The Art of Happy MovingMove over Marie Kondo – Ali Wenzke is here.


I don’t plan to move house anytime soon, but someday, when the time comes, I’ll be very glad to have Ali Wenzke’s The Art of Happy Moving. What a thorough little book this is, covering everything from making the tough decisions about why and where to move, to hiring a realtor and staging your home, to moving-day survival tips. And Wenzke doesn’t just get you out the door sans stress. She has a lot of helpful ideas about how to make friends and integrate into new communities—for both you and your kids. The book is peppered with personality quizzes, charts and fill-in-the-blanks to help you discern what matters most, and Wenzke adds just enough personal narrative to make you feel both entertained and in capable hands.

 Review by Susannah Felts


Wenzke lays out her own method for tackling the big pre-move decluttering, KonMari-style. Whether you’re making your own move this summer, or are just looking to revitalize the home you’re already in, these tips will help you feel lighter and more organized in no time.

If anyone knows moving tips for lower-stress transitions, it’s her, and her comprehensive guide to managing the moving process includes everything from moving tips and checklists to suggestions for making friends in new cities.

– Lauren Phillips, Real Simple


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Robins Books_Sparking Joy_The Art of Happy Moving

In addition to divulging insights about your belongings, the author also has helpful information on the practical and emotional aspects of a big move, including tips on selling and buying a house, evaluating a new location, and how to adapt once you have relocated. I thought her ploy to help children weed out their toys was brilliant.
Robin’s Books


A comprehensive, upbeat guide to help you survive the moving process from start to finish, filled with fresh strategies and checklists for timing and supplies, choosing which items to toss and which to keep, determining the best place to live, saying farewell and looking forward to hello.

Moving is a major life change—time consuming, expensive, often overwhelming, and sometimes scary. But it doesn’t have to be! Instead of looking it as a burdensome chore, consider it a new adventure.

Ali Wenzke and her husband moved ten times in eleven years, living in seven states across the U.S. She created her popular blog, The Art of Happy Moving, to help others build a happier life before, during, and after a move. Infused with her infectious optimistic spirit, The Art of Happy Moving builds on her blog, offering step-by-step guidance, much-needed comfort, practical information, and welcome advice on every step of the process, including:

  • How to stage your home for prospective buyers
  • How to choose your next neighborhood
  • How to discard your belongings and organize your packing
  • How to say goodbye to your friends
  • How to make the transition easier for your kids
  • How to decorate your new home
  • How to build a new community
  • And so much more.

Ali shares invaluable personal anecdotes from her many moves, and packs each chapter with a wealth of information and ingenious tips (Did you know that if you have an extra-large welcome mat at the entrance of your home, it’s more likely to sell?). Ali also includes checklists for packing and staging, and agendas for the big moving day.

Whether you’re a relocating professional, newly married, a family with kids and pets, or a retiree looking to downsize, The Art of Happy Moving will help you discover ways to help make your transition an easier one—and be even happier than you were before.